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Providing innovative solutions to your business-critical equipment needs so you can focus on growing your business.

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Every business is unique and thus has unique needs. Not every equipment finance firm is in a place to meet those needs. Verdant is.

As the sixth largest independent equipment finance company in the United States, we have the expertise and discipline of a bank, but the flexibility of an entrepreneurial independent. Together, we can tailor the best solution to meet your needs.

Our qualified, experienced professionals have built and scaled small companies into large enterprises, enabling our partners the unique and convenient ability to fund business across the credit spectrum and with transactions sizes from below $25,000 up to $100 million. Bottom line is we can help you sell more equipment by making the financing options simple and easy for your customers.


Golf, Sports & Entertainment

Golf, Sports & Entertainment equipment providers are constantly needing to address the evolving demands of their industry, which come with an increased level of expense to their customers. Verdant understands these challenges and can work side by side to assist you in meeting and exceeding those increasingly high, end-user expectations with flexible and accommodating capital solutions. Being able to adapt and pivot at the drop of a dime has proven critical to keep up. Verdant has the flexibility, experience, and expertise to help your team win the game.

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In today’s corporate world, industrial equipment financing continues to provide a more competitive cost of capital, favorable tax benefits, and superior flexibility than traditional loan products. The ability to find innovative solutions to the financing of business-critical pieces of equipment not only helps businesses, but they are a key to how they are assembling their own growth plan. Verdant is well positioned to quickly adapt and react to these changes by controlling its own capital and using its flexibility to structure contracts to meet these market dynamics.

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As manufacturing technology continues to evolve, staying on top of production efficiency is vital to remaining competitive. Intech Funding, part of Verdant Commercial Capital, has been financing manufacturing equipment for over 25 years. With over $1billion in equipment financed, Intech offers rates and terms that keep customers coming back again and again. Intech is well positioned to work on solutions that meet these everchanging market dynamics. From machine tools to full robotic systems, we are happy to work together to create the solution that is best for your specific business goals and financial requirements.

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Renewables & Energy Efficiency

Efficient or renewable energy sources make up one of the fastest growing sectors in the national economy, but for businesses these purchases are complicated by unique documentation and accounting matters, various tax credits, rebates, and other issues. Verdant understands these challenges, eliminates the complications, and makes it easy for you to save the planet—and money.

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Specialty Vehicle

The Verdant team brings decades of direct industry experience to every conversation. Whether you have an immediate need for a new truck or are looking for consultation on your fleet replacement cycle, Verdant works fast to get you to your next job.

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Technology & Office Automation

The Internet of Things (IoT) will only increase the accuracy and speed of information gathering, as well as broaden the range of available insights. The creative financing options offered by Verdant not only combat the initial investment costs for essential technologies, but also helps customers overcome the growing challenge of obsolescence and the rising costs of replacement. Our broad credit window allows us to say yes more than our competitors, making it easier for your customers to consider large technology upgrades by spreading the cost out over multiple budgetary years.

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