Golf, Sports & Entertainment

Golf, Sports & Entertainment equipment providers are constantly needing to address the evolving demands of their industry, which come with an increased level of expense to their customers.

Verdant understands these challenges and can work side by side to assist you in meeting and exceeding those increasingly high, end-user expectations with flexible and accommodating capital solutions. Being able to adapt and pivot at the drop of a dime has proven critical to keep up. Verdant has the flexibility, experience, and expertise to help your team win the game.

Let Us Help You Finance:

  • Sports Infrastructures
  • Golf Course Equipment
  • Professional Sporting and Entertainment Venues
  • Municipality Entertainment Facilities
  • and More…

Our Golf, Sports & Entertainment Team:

  • Ryan Brucker
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  • Dan Smith
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Our Solutions Include:

  • Expanded App-only Credit Limits vs. Traditional Lenders*
  • Payment Structures of Deferred Payments, Step Payments, and Variable Billing
  • Coverage in all USA states
  • Creative Structures - FMV, $1 Out, Equipment Finance Agreements, EBOs, Managed Solutions, etc.
  • Increased Credit Box
  • Vendor Portal for portfolio and transaction tracking
  • Pre-owned/Used Equipment solutions
  • Quoting Tools for your Sales Team
  • Private Label
  • Finance Specialists to Assist with RFPs and Brand Representation
  • Electronic Documentation

* The business model and infrastructure of Verdant Commercial Capital enable us to expand traditional app-only limits without the hassle of providing financial statements for equipment orders up to $1 million or more. If you have a customer who is buying multiple pieces of equipment, talk to us about how Verdant can keep it simple for you and the customer.