Technology & Office Automation

The Internet of Things (IoT) will only increase the accuracy and speed of information gathering, as well as broaden the range of available insights.

The creative financing options offered by Verdant not only combat the initial investment costs for essential technologies, but also helps customers overcome the growing challenge of obsolescence and the rising costs of replacement. Our broad credit window allows us to say yes more than our competitors, making it easier for your customers to consider large technology upgrades by spreading the cost out over multiple budgetary years.

Our Office Automation Financing Team specializes in addressing the leasing needs of some of the OP market’s most demanding customers. We welcome dealers’ customers who require specialized lease invoicing, and are happy to categorize by department, location, or device. Our relationship centric sales team is focused on your success and is dedicated to handling the most notorious of headaches, such as bundled services, supply and equipment packages, and software only transactions.

Let Us Help You Finance:

  • IT Infrastructures
  • User Devices
  • Video Surveillance
  • AI Dashcams
  • GPS Tracking
  • Cyber Security HW & SW
  • 3DPrinters
  • Telecom
  • Physical Security
  • PoS
  • Copiers and Printers
  • Scanners
  • Production Printers
  • Wide Format Printers
  • Digital Presses
  • Integrated Solutions
  • Digital Whiteboards
  • Security Equipment
  • Mailing Systems
  • and More…

Our Technology & Office Automation Team:

  • Travis Burnett
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  • Sean MacDonald
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Our Technology Solutions Include:

  • 100% Soft Cost Financing for ELAs, Support Contracts/Renewals, Maintenance Agreements, and Installation
  • Customized Payment Structures: Deferred Payments, Step Payments, and Variable Billing
  • Quoting Tools for your Sales Team
  • Finance Specialists to Assist with RFPs and Brand Representation
  • Vendor Portal to Submit Customers for Same-Day Credit Approval

Our Office Automation Solutions Include:

  • App-Only Deals up to $500K
  • 12-72 Month Terms
  • Private Label/Co-Branded Documents
  • Software Only Deals
  • Partner Protection
  • Used/Discontinued Financing
  • Pass Through Servicing/Supply Freight
  • Interim Rent Sharing
  • Custom Spreadsheet Billing
  • Large Credit Box
  • Expanded App-Only Credit Limits vs. Traditional Lenders*

* The business model and infrastructure enable Verdant Commercial Capital to expand traditional app-only limits without the hassle of providing financial statements for equipment orders up to $1 million or more. If you have a customer who is buying multiple pieces of equipment, talk to us about how Verdant can keep it simple for you and the customer.