Vendor Programs

Your One-Stop Partner for Equipment Financing

Verdant Commercial Capital is an independent equipment finance company focused on providing our Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Dealer partners innovative and flexible financing solutions for their customers. We are uniquely positioned to provide optimal funding solutions for all transaction sizes ranging below $25,000 up to $100 million. We accommodate partners of all sizes and can offer a private label, co-branded and referral programs that best support your customer’s needs.

Application Only up to $1MM+

For qualified customers, we can do App Only up to $1MM+ virtually as many times as your customer needs, eliminating the need to ask for financials or shop around. We want to help you sell more equipment and promote repeat business by making the financing options easy for your customers.

Over 90% Customer Approval Rate on Average

Our unique funding platform provides a broad credit risk and transaction size window that allows us to say yes more than our competitors, making it easier for your customers to consider even large equipment upgrades. With approval rates on average over 90%, we are in a league of our own.

Repeat Business with Streamlined Customer Experience

The Verdant platform is built to simplify your customer’s experience. We can say “yes” again and again, and your customer gets a consistent experience across transactions.

Verdant Docs – You customer sees the same documents.
Verdant Contacts – You will know your financial specialist.
Verdant Invoicing – Your customer gets consistent and consolidated invoicing across transactions.
Verdant Lockbox – Your customer remits payments to a single location across transactions.
Verdant End-of-Term – Verdant maintains servicing and handles end-of-term.

The Verdant platform is built to simplify your customers’ experience. We make it easy to do business with us!

Digital Tools to Accelerate Your Sales Process

As a Verdant Commercial Capital partner, you will have free access to a convenient digital experience. Our advanced online Partner portal has been developed to support and accelerate your equipment sales with easy-to-use tools and greater transparency into the financing process.

Finance Expertise from Your Industry

Verdant has an experienced team of industry leaders who understands and delivers what you need. As a Verdant partner you will have a finance specialist who is an expert in your industry and your single point of contact. Additionally, partners are supported with travel to home/regional offices assisting with quotes, customer engagement and training.

Partner Benefits

  • Finance specialists, who are experts in your industry
  • Expansive application-only program of over $1MM for customers acquiring multiple pieces of equipment
  • Easy to use online tools to support and accelerate your sales
  • Contract offerings and flexible payment structures for all your customers’ needs
  • Titled vehicles are processed easily through our Titling Trust
  • Private and Co-Branded financing options to support your own brand
  • Coverage in USA and Canada

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