The ELFA Convention had to quickly change its venue due to a climate catastrophe on the western coast of Florida—Hurricane Ian. Ironically, while Ian was forming, a panel of speakers was preparing to present on climate finance and usher in a new ELFA interest group.

Climate finance is a rapidly developing market – a “massive opportunity for the industry,” according to the convention speakers in Orlando, FL. On Oct. 11, they presented compelling facts and figures for consideration. Despite it being the last day and last session of the annual event, most seats were taken.

Joshua Patton, Vice President of Verdant Commercial Capital, addressed opportunities and structures in energy-efficient equipment finance. He said credit enhancements are available as well as commercial rebates and government grants. The focus, he said, is on equipment that saves energy and lowers a customer’s costs, such as LED lighting, HVAC, renewables and EV charging equipment.

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