Following incredible turbulence in 2020, 2021 proved to be a bounceback year for Monitor’s Top Private Independents, as the group logged a record for the annual ranking with 35.6% year-over-year growth in new business volume.

Monitor’s Top Private Independents, upsized to a group of 30 this year, grew by 35.6% in 2021, the highest percentage of year-over-year growth recorded in the history of the ranking. While expanding the field is part of the reason for such an impressive mark, this year’s Top Private Independents still bounced back from 2020’s sluggish pace of growth, as the group originated $10,185.3 million in 2021 new business volume, a gain of $2,671.3 million from the previous year. Only five independents reported volume decreases, leading to a combined decline of $113.7 million, while the remaining 25 companies achieved a collective annual increase of $2,785 million.